Virtual Classroom being offered by PERC for computer savvy clients


Outpatient Level I Substance Abuse Groups.  Assessments are being scheduled now to enroll new clients.

The PERC Distance Learning Program (DLP)The GoalThe Vision
Live, face to face treatment with clients in a virtual classroom, with full interactive capabilities and back and forth interaction with the instructor and clients. This will be done specifically through the use of the GoTo Training platform, which is completely secure, and set up in a specific schedule with our live instructors. This technology has reached a point where assessments can be individualized, and also virtual, and ‘group’ settings can still involve the interaction between the instructor and clients, and clients with one another.
The goal of the PERC DLP program will be, however, to provide greater opportunities for treatment in a non-traditional, but increasingly used format for variety of educational opportunities and trainings.
The vision of the PERC DLP program will be to overcome barriers for outpatient substance abuse clients such as employment, transportation or court/probation specific instructions that continue to make treatment attendance a challenge – and expand those who can receive such services.

*PERC is a licensed provider of outpatient substance abuse services by the State of Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) under license 65-D30. These courses will function with the same expectations as in-person classes. COST: $75 initial assessment; $25 per group; $20 urinalysis (conducted at PERC)

  1. Contact Amanda Ellis, MSW, MPH, CPH:  727-520-4352

  2. Download the app for Android/Tablet users or Download the app for iPhone/iPad users.

  3. Once you have scheduled an appointment for your assessment, click here to download the instructions and forms to complete before your appointment. Please read the instructions carefully before completing.