Transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, and permanent housing.

PERC has two houses in collaboration with One Unique Transition totaling 21 beds (soon to be near 30) and the Continental Housing Program, which can have up to 120 beds.

One Unique Transition (OUT)

One Unique Transition is a transitional living community that offers a safe, sober, and stable living environment for males returning to the community from incarceration and/or recovery programs. One Unique Transition offers a supportive environment where transitional clients who are motivated and committed to changing their life can do so.

Continental Housing Program (CHP)

The Continental Housing Program offers a transitional housing opportunity for at risk criminal justice. The goal of CHP is to provide a safe, supportive environment that strives to be healthy and well maintained for those who are willing to make a commitment and invest an effort in improving their lives. Participants are eligible for Case Management and Job Development Services through PERC.

Case Management is available to provide linkages to community services that participants may need assistance to access such as: Mental Health Services, Physical Health Services, Public Assistance, Transportation Programs, Social Security Disability, and Substance Abuse Treatment referrals. Job Development at CHP focuses on assessment of participant skill base, referrals to potential employers and resume/interview assistance if needed.

Additionally, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and Sunday Church Services are available on site to CTP residents. The Out-Patient Services Program at The Pinellas Ex Offender Re Entry Coalition offers a variety of Group Services such as: Anger Management, Batterer’s Intervention, Sex Offender, and Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment that CTP participants can be assessed for should they have identified needs or requirements for additional clinical programming.