Career Pathways – The Path to a New Future

What’s the biggest expense & headache faced by most companies?

If you answered on boarding and training, you are in the majority. Let PERC’s career pathways program help you to solve the problem of high turnover and expensive training.  We have a highly motivated, well vetted, and drug free pool of candidates for you to choose from. We can also help to train them and mitigate risk to you as a business owner.

Employment Services

Career Pathways from PERC provides employment services for those with background challenges who are making changes in their lives and seeking employment. These clients are fully vetted, drug screened, and highly motivated.

They tend to be some of the hardest working and most grateful employees, according to feedback from our business partners. We also offer them support services through our comprehensive case management system to ensure that they have the necessary tools for success. It really is a holistic based approach to reentry and employment.


Career Pathways can offer several different types of training based on your company’s needs. On the most basic level, we can get your future employee certified as an OSHA forklift operator, and they will also receive OSHA 10 safety training.

There are various short-term vocational training opportunities offered at Career Source Pinellas, PTEC, and St. Petersburg College that can enhance the skill set of a potential employee that we are willing to pay for. If you need a certain skill set, please let us know, and we will see if that type of training is available on a short-term basis. We can then get potential candidates ready to meet your requirements.

Customized Training

We can also help you customize an in-house training program, where you can train an employee at your facility or job site, and we will pick up the cost. This is especially useful in industries where there is no vocational school to teach the particulars of your industry.  In order to qualify for this paid training, Career Pathways’ goal is to place our clients in an in-demand and upwardly mobile position, where they can have more than a job. They can have a career.

Mitigating Risk

Sometimes there is apprehension toward hiring from this demographic, but we can help to mitigate that risk and give incentive to employers to give someone a second chance to care for their family.


The federal government pays for a free fidelity bond for six months in the amount of up to $5000 to guarantee against theft and fraud. It can be requested by either the employee or the employer.


The federal government also offers a tax credit for hiring from this demographic in an amount up to $9000 depending on qualifying circumstances.

  • Screened for Drugs of Abuse
  • Screened for Motivation & Work Ethic.
  • Screened for Stability.
  • Given a Risk Assessment.
  • Provided with Supportive Case Management.

What is that worth to a company? It’s FREE with PERC.

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Wouldn’t you give someone a second chance if they could add value to your workforce and risks were reduced? Let us tell you how we can do this at no cost to you!