Meth Free Project

Drug Prevention and Education Are Critical to the Addiction Recovery Process.

Meth destroys logoMeth Free Project Class

The Meth Free project consists of both the court-ordered class and the jail program. The court-ordered class is for offenders convicted of drug related crimes. Based on a special condition of probation, offenders are ordered to attend LFM’s Meth Free project education class for the purpose of deterring illicit drug use and associated activities through education and personal experiences. The class occurs monthly, typically lasting 2 hours. The class includes a 40 minute educational DVD and an impact panel speaker. Research shows the horrific consequences of meth resonate strongly with potential users in addition to those already entangled in it.

Meth Free Project Classes are held the third Monday of each month. The cost of the class is $20 and must be paid in advance. We no longer accept payment at the door. Please send your $20 money order with your DC number to: Meth Free Project | PO BOX 123 | Bartow Florida 33831. Classes are held from 6:00pm – 8:30pm. A complete schedule is available for the 2014 Meth Free Project Class. Please call 863-519-0000 for questions.