Pinellas Juvenile Assessment Center (PJAC)

14500 49th Street North Suite 135
Clearwater FL 33762

Phone: (727) 453-7418
Fax:(727) 464-6779

Community Enhancements Program. Helping families access specialized services in their community. Call 1-888-PAR NEXT. Operation PAR, Inc., Addiction and Mental Health Prevention, Treatment, Research.

PJAC COMMUNITY ENHANCEMENTS PROGRAM – Helping families access specialized services in their community. The PJAC Community Enhancements Program can help you access specialized care in your community. Our dedicated staff calls on your family after your child is assessed at the PJAC. Additionally, our staff can provide an assessment for your child if interested. We can help you and your child overcome difficulties that may keep your family from participating in recommended treatment or services.

Services Offered at PJAC
• Personal interviews
• A family contact by staff within 72 hours
• Treatment coordination so that you and your child can successfully access community services
• Treatment coordination with local agencies regarding family needs and available resources
• Follow-up contact within 39 to 75 days

Outreach Services Children and adolescents between 11 and 18 years old
• If your youth was unable to receive an assessment at the PJAC, our staff can provide an assessment in your community or at the Community Assessment and Intervention Center

Outreach Services Children 11 years old and younger
• Crisis intervention, such as phone calls and mailing educational materials
• Personal interviews with you and your child
• Follow-up contact within 30 days

Additional Services include If a youth is assessed at the PJAC or court-ordered to receive an assessment, a urine drug screen is offered. Assistance in coordinating your child’s treatment recommendations with DJJ, Pinellas County Schools and law enforcement recommendations and linkage to services in the community The PJAC provides a centralized receiving system for youth taken into custody by law enforcement.

Some major functions of the PJAC include:
• Comprehensive assessment
• Early delinquency intervention
• Urine drug Screens
• Family education
• Referral and linkage
• Follow-up services

On-Site Agencies:
• Department of Juvenile Justice
• Operation PAR, Inc.
• Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
• Pinellas County School Board
• Family Resources