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PRIDE The goal of post-release education assistance is to provide an opportunity for eligible former PRIDE work program participants to enhance their employment potential after release from incarceration. This will be accomplished by arranging for their participation in vocational or academic learning programs relative to their employment situation.

To qualify, former PRIDE inmate workers must have been released at end of sentence or paroled and meet the following conditions:
• Have maintained contact with PRIDE job development staff after release and return to home community
• Have been continuously employed full-time for at least three months at the time of application
• Have agreed to good faith participation in the learning program and continuing contact with PRIDE staff throughout its duration

How does PRIDE determine eligibility?
• Current level of education- high school diploma or equivalency required, unless assistance is requested specifically to obtain the GED
• Length of service as a PRIDE worker – preference will be given to those former workers with six months or more longevity.
• PRIDE OJT accomplishments- preference will be given to those former workers who have earned a Certificate of Achievement in a PRIDE On-The-Job Training Program.
• Recommendation of PRIDE industry management
• Recommendation and verification of employment by assigned Job Developer
• The former worker must reside in Florida

What kind of educational or training activities can be pursued under the program?
• Any vocational or academic learning program of definable duration with a published course syllabus – academic programs should be accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools correspondence courses are excluded.
• The educational institution must be located in Florida
• The training must relate to current employment or licensing requirements for continued employment

What will PRIDE pay?
• Tuition, course fees, and textbooks- we will not pay for registration or application fees, physical exams, lab fees, school supplies, or uniforms. Meals, transportation, and living expenses are excluded.
• PRIDE makes financial arrangements directly with the school and makes payments directly to the educational institution.
• Assistance is limited to two years or four semesters
• In order to allow as many former workers as possible the opportunity to participate, registration is limited to six credit hours per semester plus books, or the dollar equivalent to the cost of the above registration at a State of Florida public community college. Each application for assistance is judged on its own merits. Continued participation in the program is contingent upon completion of all course work with a grade of C or better. The number of applications, which can be processed in any calendar year, is dependent upon the availability of budgeted funds. PRIDE makes no commitment or guarantee of continuing educational support to any participant.

PRIDE CORRESPONDENCE COURSE PROGRAM – PRIDE inmate workers with ten or more years to serve and who have at least four years of creditable longevity are eligible to participate in the correspondence course program. The correspondence course program may encompass a variety of topics and objectives. The principle is that the learning activity contributes to the inmate’s educational growth and complements his or her work in a PRIDE industry. Course work must be accomplished on the inmate’s own time and not to interfere with work on the job. For administration and cost control purposes, PRIDE currently limits course selection to those offered by the Colorado Consortium, the distance learning division of the Colorado State University system. This system offers many courses in a variety of academic and vocational disciplines.

All questions and requests for assistance are to be directed to:
PRIDE Enterprises Worker Support and Training
12525 28th Street North
St. Petersburg, Fl 12425

Download the PRIDE policies, procedures, and eligibility requirements in pdf format here