Refuge Ministries/Lionheart Recovery Program

33 4th St. North, Suite 203
St. Petersburg Florida 33701

Contact: Rev. Bruce Wright
Contact email: [email protected]
Phone: 727 821 7050
Fax: 727 821 7057

Description: Addictions Recovery Transitional Living program, Addictions, Anger Management, and Life Skills Counseling, Homeless Outreach, Street Outreach and counseling to Youth, Spiritual Counsel and Church Services, Arts and Music Outreach, Seminars and Training, some case management, Advocacy and Social Justice, and Legal Defense Fund for the homeless and for youth, Access Site for Food Stamp Application
comments: Our transitional residential addictions program is $100 per week, including Electric, Water, Cable, REnt, and phone with some food supplements. Our counseling is sliding scale starting at $15 per hour both individual and group
The Refuge