SED Employability and Placement Program

Boley Centers for Behavioral Health Care, Inc.
Naomi R. Waters-Karick
Employment Consultant
Boley Vocational
2901 44th Ave. N., St Petersburg FL 33714
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The Employability Program for Severely Emotionally Disturbed Youth (EPSEDY) is a school based, vocationally focused program for youth, age 10-18 who are at high risk of recommitting acts of delinquency. The curriculum includes vocational assessments, pre-employment and work maturity training, which is job specific, and drug and alcohol awareness classes at three SED schools within Pinellas County. Upon completion, work age youth receive job placement and follow along services in community businesses.

Eligible youth must attend Hamilton Disston, Calvin Hunsinger, or Richard L. Sanders school and be aged 10-18. To be employed, youth must be at least 14 and have permission from a parent or legal guardian. Referrals are accepted from school faculty, the Department of Juvenile Justice Probation Officers, social service agencies and parents/guardians.

Services provided by the program include:

Vocational Education
Job Placement Services
Follow-Along Services
Drug Awareness Education
Job Related Coaching and Counseling