Supported Employment

Boley Centers for Behavioral Health Care, Inc.
Naomi R. Waters-Karick
Employment Consultant
Boley Vocational
2901 44th Ave. N., St Petersburg FL 33714
Phone (727) 528-8400, Ext 4264 – Fax (727) 528-8511

Supported Employment is designed to help individuals with disabilities obtain and maintain competitive employment. Employment Consultants work with clients to complete a plan which indicates pre-employment services needed as well as any ancillary problems that may need to be addressed prior to employment. The Employment Consultant then works with community employers to place consumers into competitive employment. Once a job is obtained, the Employment Consultant works with the consumer on the job until he or she is comfortable in the position.

Follow along services are also provided to both the consumer and the employer as a form of ongoing support. If and when problems arise, the Employment Consultant will intervene and work on behalf of the client and the employer to resolve the problem efficiently and effectively. Further support is provided through a monthly Job Keeper’s Club.

Supported Employment Services include:

Career Counseling
Problem Solving Counseling
On-Site Skills Instruction
Budgeting Skills
Transportation Skills Instruction
Employer/Employee Problem Identification and Resolution
Linking to Other Resources (Food stamps, housing, psychiatric services, etc…)
Long-term Monitoring