Young Adult Program

Boley Centers for Behavioral Health Care, Inc.
Naomi R. Waters-Karick
Employment Consultant
Boley Vocational
2901 44th Ave. N., St Petersburg FL 33714
Phone (727) 528-8400, Ext 4264 – Fax (727) 528-8511

The Young Adult Program provides vocationally oriented conditional release services to youth, aged 19 and younger. The program targets youth who are transitioning out of the Juvenile Justice System who would benefit from a highly structured community-based program. Specialized vocational education and job placement services are provided while also focusing on independent living skills for youth who are returning to their communities from residential commitment facilities. The environment is structured to help youth reintegrate into the community and remain crime-free. The vocational emphasis of the Young Adult Program provides competitive job placement and training, utilizing job development in the business community and the services of “Job Coaches”.

Services provided:

Transitional Planning
Treatment Planning
Family Services
Counseling and Curriculum
Vocational and Employment
Psychiatric Services
Recreation and Community Service
Respite Services
Case Management Services